Medical Adventures

Dr. Alfonso Tiu, Cardiologist

Thank you for the gorgeous book. It was very well written. I'm very proud of you and I'm very sure Justin, that you will have a very bright future. God Bless You! 

Jon L. Shudlick, fmr Mayor of Ocean Ridge, FL

Medical Adventures should be on the kid's bestseller list soon. The book is descriptive, creative, and so exciting to read. Your inclusion of medical terms sequentially throughout the book is genius. Also, each chapter begins with an interesting title and a historical quotation. Once started, I could not put Medical Adventures down.

      As a cancer survivor, I think your integrating of medical procedure and a fictional story along with the thinking and writing dialogue was unique. If 4 stars is a top attainment level in this book category, you deserve a 5 1/2.

      P.S. I heard you on the Bobby Lee Show. You were outstanding!     


Now THIS is the kind of thing we should be reading MORE of! An intelligent kid, putting his brains to work, and accomplishing something quite amazing, ESPECIALLY for a 14year old! GOOD JOB JUSTIN! Keep it up - you are an inspiration to all! 

Courtney J.

Almost every time that I see a book, I think of you because you have your very own published book. You are a big inspiration to me. You showed me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Your book has also taught me that I can too overcome my medical problem. I was born with 80% hearing loss in both ears, but your book has taught me that I can overcome it and I can be brave about it.

Betty D.

  As a person who had a life threatening health problem I appreciated your book. As I read - I laughed with you and I cried with you.
    What vision and understanding you had of your problem. The manner in which you prepared and delivered your experience was most impressive and convincing. The particular value of your book lies in the fact of your intimate knowledge and experience with Glomerilunephritis. The quotes you used to start each chapter, say that you were dealing with your medical problem head on.
    I heard/saw you on the Tampa Bay, FL Bobby Lee Show, the Chicago Tribune, and on Green Bay FOX 11. You were outstanding and needless to say I was so very proud of you. I predict a great future for you in whatever life challenges you meet.