Rainbow Lotus Tile

A multi-colored lotus is engraved and painted on a white square of 12” x 12 “ ceramic tile. It can be used as a hot plate or wall art. The Lotus flower has numerous sacred meanings. Many deities in Asian religions are painted sitting on a Lotus flower. In Buddhism, the Lotus flower is a symbol of body, mind, and speech. More generally, the Lotus flower has its roots latched in mud and submerges itself at night, yet it miraculously re-blooms the next morning sparklingly clean and unscathed from the mud. Members of the PRIDE community often emerge from their precarious upbringings, just as the Lotus flower rises from the mud.

* Blue – inspiration, sincerity, confidence, and wisdom
* Red – love, compassion, romance, passion, sacrifice, domination, and power
* Yellow/Orange – one’s full potential, achieving all that can be achieved
* Green – ascension, purity, and rebirth