Big Pharma Corruption: Clinical Trials Gone Wrong

The sneaky relationship between researchers and drug companies taint the trials and therefore put the patient in danger. Borison and Diamond, two psychiatrists from the Medical College of Georgia, are in jail because of endangering the safety of multiple patients by tainting trials of over twenty drugs in order to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Pharma. Reuben, of Baystate Medical Center, is in prison for holding fraudulent trials for Celebrex®, Neurontin®, and Lyrica®. A Tucson facility held fixed trials for three asthma drugs to obtain $10,000 a patient from Big Pharma. The article published on AlterNet also released that Massachusetts General Hospital supported Johnson & Johnsons drug Risperdal® before the drug company even tested it (Rosenberg, 2010). Doctors, respected pillars of the medical profession cheated the public out of their health for their own personal short-term benefits. Once again the power of money overpowers people’s judgments in the pharmaceutical industry.