About Me

Author Justin DeCleene has managed and executed multiple projects in a high paced environment. He has effectuated change within an organization across multiple departments and provided training and monitoring to validate that change. He has critiqued information systems and recommended system enhancements. With this book, Justin hopes to inspire the next generation to utilize bodies of information to potentiate positive change across the globe.

My Books

Contentious Collaborations and Societal Shifts

The 21st century was an interesting time in America’s history. The economic, healthcare, and political systems were inefficient and unsustainable for the current and future generations. Contentious Collaborations: A Snapshot of the Current Worlds of Healthcare, Technology, and Business serves to inform the reader and apply the information to real world scenarios. Justin walks the reader through a journey from knowledge to self-actualization. His enthusiasm about obtaining knowledge, digesting it, and spreading it around shines through. This book serves as a diving board that lands in the pool of information. Justin believes that upon the compilation of this foundation of knowledge, it will be easier for an individual to maintain an ongoing desire of learning. Justin seeks to write a book that is applicable to few, but inspires all. There are so many complexities and corners in the fields of Healthcare, Technology, and Business that need to be captured in the literature - all in one place, all in one source. This is what Justin does.  

Medical Adventures: Inspired by a True Story

Medical Adventures is a fiction story that includes incidents similar to a series of events that happened to Justin in January of 2008. This is when he was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis, a kidney disease caused by a strep virus. In the book, the Quincy’s son, David, goes through many of the same events that Justin went through when he had the disease. But just as David is getting better, his brother Richard gets diagnosed with a disease as well. Will the family be able to handle both of their kids’ illnesses?